Massages at My Friends Spa Place

Therapeutic massage is design to promote wellness. With concentration on pressure points, this massage provides balance, while decreasing stress and muscular tension. This body work therapy encourages rejuvenation to muscles through increased circulation. We offer very flexible scheduling to fit us in on your busy days.

90 minutes $85
60 minutes $59
45 minutes $50
30 minutes $42
Deep Tissue (one hour) Add $10 and up
Hot Stones (60 minutes) $75
Express Facial $45
*All prices subject to change.

Massage Guidelines
Absolutely cannot receive a massage ...

  1. If you are taking antibiotics
  2. Heart condition (blod clots, weak heart, have recently had a heart attack or heart surgery, or stroke)

We strongly encourage that you do not get a massage ...

  1. If you had major surgery in the past 6 weeks
  2. If you have uncontrolled blood pressure (if on controlled meds it is fine)
  3. If you have uncontrolled diabetes
  4. If you have recently been put on pain medication (within past two to three days)
  5. If you have any broken bones (specific areas will not be worked on) Severe sprains or strains
  6. Sorry we do not offer pregnancy massage