Tannign and Makeup

We physically spray your tan on. Lasts between 3-5 days.

One Session $35
Extra Bronzing $5 and up
*All prices subject to change.

To prepare

  • Exfoliate Before Each Session to Remove Dry Flaky Skin.
    Dead, dry skin cells will prevent the absorption of the DHA Bronzer, unlike fresh health cells. To achieve a nice, natural tan, exfoliate the morning of your session - this gives your skin the fuel needed for beautiful, long lasting color.
  • Do not apply any lotions, moisturizers, or perfumes before your session.
    Use deodorant sparingly, It is best not to apply make-up but if you do, then remove before your session.
  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing
    Tight clothing can rub off or smear bronzers.
  • Results
    The DHA Bronzer will begin to activate within the first hour after application.
  • Please do not shower for 8-16 hours after your spray tan
    Chlorine Pools and Hot Tubs will remove your Spray Tan
Make-up application $35
*All prices subject to change.